Tips to Drive Safe in Winter

Winter is close, and therefore you must already have started preparing for it; buying the right clothes, protecting yourself in every which way. Then why should your car be left out of it? Snowfall is common in winters and a lot of accidents take place. That is usually the fault of the car owners and lack of preparations according to Toronto car rental.

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  1. Do a checkup of your vehicle to make sure everything is ready for the winter.
  2. To reduce the formation of moisture in your fuel tank, keep it at least half full. This will also add weight to the vehicle.
  3. Get an ice-scraper which can work at low temperatures.



There are special tyres for the winters, make sure you get them, or there are chances of accidents. And make sure all the tyres are of the same type, as different types of tyres on the same vehicle can be hazardous.

Also it is extra important according to Toronto car rental to check the well-being of your tyres in this season for extra pressure and damage.  So get a winter tyre and be safe this winter.

To know which tyre is a winter one you can look for a snowflake inscription on the tyre itself.

There are also all-season tyres, as well as studded tyres. The former is not ideal below 7 degrees Celsius, while the latter are not as effective on bare pavement as the winter ones.


During winter always make sure you check the weather before you leave. Toronto car rental suggests that if it is too cold, or if the weather looks too bad, it will be better not to go out. And always clean the windshield space, mirror and roof of the car if snow has accumulated on them.toronto rental car

Do not drive too fast, the roads are too slippery, be careful while steering, in case you start to skid, release the brakes, and do not steer rigorously. When you are stopping on a slippery road it will take a longer time, so drive accordingly.

You must not be distracted at any cost while driving, extra focus is necessary. The surface of the road will change its appearance if snow falls or accumulates on it, so keep an eye out for such signs. Use the lights to its full effects, as visibility is especially important in this season. Toronto car rental can give you proper winter ready cars that will ensure safe driving and also suggest tips to drive safely.


Before any snow storm occurs, it is not unusual for the maintenance vehicles, to work on the roads. It is better not to drive through such roads while the work is still going on.

Truck drivers

Truck drivers need to practice extra caution. So they must follow the following tips as provided by Toronto car rental;

  1. Keep your truck clean of snow and ice, and do not exclude the trailers’ tops.
  2. Also check the lights and make sure snow has not build up on it so that they are in proper working condition.
  3. Use a product for fuel treatment.

Follow these tips for your personal safety, after all prevention is better than cure.

Increasing Demand of Bulletproof Cars

Rising threat and huge amount of insecurity have led to an increasing demand of bulletproof cars. In fact, even a huge number of car manufacturing companies are showing wide interest in bulletproof and armored vehicles.  Studies have shown that the customer base of these bulletproof cars is not only the rich and wealthy people. Even the demand is seen among normal citizens who don’t feel threat from the anti-social elements but still want to remain protected from assaults or crime.

Why There Is So Much Demand Of Bulletproof Vehicles?

If one takes a look into the car manufacturing industry, one gets to see that there is an increasing necessity for armored vehicles. One might feel why there is a sudden rush for armored vehicles. The reason is very simple. The world in which one lives has become a highly insecure place. The rate of crime and unforeseen incidents has drastically increased over last few decades with easy availability of deadly weapons.

In order to remain safe from the deadly weapons when traveling by road, one needs to have proper armored protection. When a person starts to use bulletproof cars, personal concern won’t become a concern. The best thing about bulletproof vehicles is that they are designed to look over the security issues and provide subtle protection to the occupants of the vehicle.

bulletproof cars

The Rise of Bulletproof Vehicles

Well, now it is very clear that the rise of bulletproof vehicles came out of sheer necessity. While a person can remain safe indoors, it stays at risk when one travels outside. From the deadly outside world one can’t remain protected unless the car is armored properly. Only when the vehicle is rightly armored, the occupants as well as the goods can remain greatly protected. So, you might be wondering how a bulletproof cars provide added protection? If you want to know how, then check below:

Armoring Protects the Entire Car

Bulletproof vehicles are fitted with complete armor plating. The armor plates are capable to provide protection against bullets, grenade attack, and other deadly objects. Hence, vehicle owners don’t need to worry about their car getting damaged. Armoring would help to keep the car intact.bulletproof vehicle

Protect the Occupants

There is nothing more important than remaining protected from all kind of dangers and threats. By travelling in bulletproof cars one can remain safe and gain secure passage. The making of these vehicles make them very popular. Galvanized and stainless steel is used and is hardened. Depending on the level of safety armoring is done.

Safely Transporting Valuable

Important people like celebrities or VIPs need some kind of privacy. They want their travel to remain secrete. Important valuables need to be transported safely from one location to another. This is done with the help of bulletproof vehicles. The glass windows being tinted prevents the outside world to see what’s inside. In this way travel remains secret.

Using bulletproof cars for personal safety has gained a lot of importance. They are designed in such a way that it can withstand rifle or bullet shots and also provide safe passage to the occupants. The high degree of armoring can provide the best defense possible.