“Since 1998, we have had two-admission agreements with Temple,” she added. “We`ve heard some very positive things about students going to the temple, and we`re working together to improve student achievement.” Eligible DCCC graduates who enrol in Temple are identified upon admission to the temple. The satisfaction of Temple Gen Ed`s requirements under this agreement is recorded in all relevant student files. Gen Ed-to-Gen Ed Transfer does not change the requirements of the student`s main subject or the requirements of the student`s temple school or college. As part of this agreement, participants must take two intensive writing courses at the Temple. These courses will be specific requirements determined by the student`s main subject. “Just because they pass on doesn`t mean they`re taken into account in your major, which could be very confusing,” Heisey said. Many students move from community schools or other universities to Temple, but not all students have the same experience as Heisey. What is Temple Transfer Population, and are transfer students able to succeed as soon as they arrive on campus? “I chose Temple because of its agreement with Bucks, so my loans were easier to transfer, but some of them were not transferred, which is frustrating,” Oestreich said. “I made my employee in a year, so I should be a year early, but he wasn`t transferred. Now I have a series of credits that I don`t need for anything.┬áThese agreements accept accredited encoder encoder curricula, as the general education requirements meet the essential requirements of the transfer school program. If you acquire a corresponding associate degree, usually an Arts associate or a science associate, the essential requirements of the transfer university are met, with the exception of the basic courses required for the intentional major (and, in some cases, requirements that reflect the specific values of the transfer university, for example.

B religion or foreign language courses). The college has basic agreements with the following: Many schools and universities have lists that indicate which Bucks specific courses are equivalent to the courses of their four-year institution. (Note that a course is equivalent, but it may not be necessary for a specific license.) Use the portability tool to find out which courses are considered equivalent in which schools. To see how many PA schools transfer credits, visit www.PAcollegetransfer.com Temple University and Philadelphia Community University have a core-to-core agreement known as Gen Ed-to-Gen Ed. In this context, Temple University agrees to accept general education integrated into Community College of Philadelphia`s Associate in Arts (A.A.) or associate in Science (A.S.) as meeting all the requirements of its general bachelor`s degree, with the exception of two intensive writing courses that are followed at Temple. Accept gened-to-gened and core-to-core transfer agreements — after temple evaluation and approval — general requirements for the formation of approved associate degrees instead of Temple Base or GenEd requirements.