But it`s quite difficult to visualize what a marital comparison contract looks like without seeing one. A marital transaction agreement is a contract between divorced spouses who agree to set the terms of their divorce. They are also commonly referred to as MSAs, Florida Divorce Settlement Agreements or Florida Property Settlement Agreements. The contract may define child care and custody arrangements, support or spousal arrangements, and the division of property, property and liabilities. A marital transaction contract must not contain specific information about custody of the children, if not, the state will deal with this agreement. This agreement is concluded on this day of September 2016 by and between JOHN DOE, (“Husband”) and JANE DOE (“Woman”), which states that the stay in Florida for a period of six months gives jurisdiction to the state (authority) over the subject matter of the case. See Florida Divorce Law 61.021. However, Florida is not necessarily competent for those involved in the case. Compliance with the residency requirement only gives Florida the power to grant divorce. It gives Florida no authority over all parties involved.

For example, if the woman living in Georgia moves to Florida in search of a divorce, Florida cannot have jurisdiction for the husband, even if the wife lived in Florida for the six months prior to filing the divorce. Without the husband`s liability, Florida cannot require him to pay child support or distribute marital property during the divorce. With a valid agreement, property acquired by both spouses during separation may not be divided into divorce. Therefore, if a couple is separated, they should consider entering into a post-marriage agreement. The agreement can help clarify things for the parties and avoid costly litigation in the courts. None of the spouses should sign an agreement with which they are not comfortable. Negotiations should continue until both parties are reasonably satisfied with the results. However, remember that expelling negotiations to punish your ex-partner will not work in your favour. Each party can lease at any time of the negotiation and takes its chances to court.