There are certain categories of transactions or documents in the first ETA calendar that are not subject to certain ETA provisions. These include ownership documents, powers and declarations of trust. With respect to commercial and financial transactions, powers and declarations of trust cannot be executed as separate documents, but are incorporated as provisions in agreements such as purchase and sale agreements, shareholder agreements, loan contracts or security documents. The 2001 report, accompanied by the latest report, recalls the intention to simplify the execution of instruments, including documents, by individuals and businesses, by removing certain archaic formalities, while maintaining the level of security and control necessary for the purposes for which these documents are drawn up. The power to act as an agent or lawyer of a foreign entity for the execution of acts must be carried out by a valid warrant or authorization document, in accordance with the laws of the foundation`s territory. However, for local businesses subject to Singapore law, the enforcement power must be given to the agent or lawyer by evidence. The proposed amendments have their origins in the changes to English law, which has been modernized in this area in recent decades. The most recent reforms were implemented by regulation 2005 (2005 no 1906), which came into force on 15 September 2005. Section 44 of the English Companies Act 2006, which came into force on April 6, 2008, made further changes to the execution of documents by English companies by authorizing a company to execute documents (including documents) by a single director who signed in the presence of a witness. On a web-based e-signing platform, a signatory is executed by clicking on the fact that his or her name is automatically inserted into the corresponding signature block. The name may appear as an ordinary text in a font of the signatory`s choice and should not be similar to the signatory`s handwritten wet signature.

Similarly, the signatory can download an image of his handwritten signature if he wishes.