Win custody of the children and stop the madness today. Membership is only $49.95 for 12 months! Find out more now! On the surface, it is about protecting children from a revolving door of romantic partners from being introduced to children just to make them disappear from their lives in a short time. It goes without saying that this would harm the psyche of children, when it is difficult to measure how much and to what extent. However, there are far too many loopholes in the narrowest moral clauses. In addition, they simply cannot prevent the introduction of children into a parent`s life. Approval of a moral clause can have serious consequences. So before approving an education plan with a moral clause, you should discuss these and other issues regarding your parental leave with your children with an experienced child care lawyer. For more information on how to develop an education plan with your spouse in the event of a divorce, talk to our experienced lawyers in Schwartz law firms | White in Boca Raton, Florida. Solution: Moral clause inserted-No accommodation visits of the other sex that are not related to the child by blood or marriage while the child is in the possession of a parent. Both parents are informed that a violation of this injunction may result in a tax of contempt and a reduction in visitation or custody days. If the clause is used to prohibit cohabitation or the night of the other sex, both parties must understand that it is a one-way street.

As a general rule, one party will not agree to include the language unless the other party agrees to meet the same conditions. We urge you to review court decisions in your state on such matters before considering introducing such clauses into your prison. If you are currently limited by such clauses, you should do the same. As always, consult a lawyer on the applicability of such moral clauses in your state/situation. This clause puts pressure on parents who spend more time with children. You may meet someone you care about, but the clause remains the same, even if it is months or years after the divorce. Surprisingly, it is precisely this issue – protection from the misjudgment of others – that appears in many divorce cases, especially when it comes to small children and custody issues. These issues can have a profound impact on many people, regardless of social status, wealth, religion or other demographic categories. Moral clauses are interesting to us and can also introduce a new arena for high-level conflicts into custody agreements.