The licensee undertakes, within [15] days from the first day of [JANUARY, APRIL, JULY, AND OCTOBER, OR FIRST MONTHS OF QUARTERS] each year, during the duration of the agreement, to submit written statements to the licensee indicating the total number of devices that embody and contain the aforementioned inventions sold by the licensee during the previous quarter. The first statement is at the latest [15] [MOIS, YEAR] and covers the period from the date of this agreement to [DATE]. 7.1 Following the implementation of this agreement, THE HARVARD LICENSEE reimburses all reasonable costs incurred by HARVARD for the preparation, filing, monitoring and maintenance of PATENT RIGHTS. Next, the HARVARD LICENSE taker reimburses all future expenses after receiving THE HARVARD invoices. For the late payment of these invoices, interest expense amounts to one and a half per cent (1 1/2%) year. per month. Harvard is responsible for the preparation, filing, tracking and maintenance of all patent applications and patents contained in PATENT RIGHTS. HARVARD consults LICENSEE on the preparation, filing, tracking and maintenance of these patent applications and provides copies of documents to the taker`s department for selection, filing, tracking or maintenance. In the context of an exclusive licence, it is important to describe the minimum delivery thresholds, since the licensee, to the extent that it assumes an exclusive obligation to a certain licensee for a contract, wishes to obtain a performance threshold. (e) In all sub-licences granted by LICENSEE under this sub-licence, LICENSEE must provide for the obligation that the sublicensing make its best efforts to bring the subject matter of the sublicensing into commercial operation as quickly as possible. LICENSEE also finds in these sublicensings that these sublicensings are subject to and subject to the terms of this agreement, unless: (i) the sublicensing is not allowed to grant additional sublicensing; and (ii) the NET SALES royalty rate that the licensee pays to the licensee.