The question is, is the first offer made by the company the best offer it is willing to make? If you have legal influence and the employer is willing to negotiate, the help of a qualified lawyer can often increase the amount offered by the company and/or improve the terms of your departure agreement, so you will have more options in the future. Practical tip: Carefully check the standard platform for each agreement, to confirm that it is appropriate – and sufficient. The parties agree that, if the consultant has the possibility to carry out, during the term of the consulting contract, other work that does not oppose or affect the provision of consulting services and the advisor can obtain the agreement of the company, which cannot be inappropriately refused, the advisor may carry out such other work. Fortunately, after defending these complaints, none of which resulted in a plaintiff`s victory, the company began its generous redundancy packages, which it continued to propose to link to the execution of a general exemption by former employees. Since this amendment to the directive, almost all separated employees have accepted severance pay and the company has not been forced to defend subsequent claims. Make sure that the promise not to file a complaint protects not only the employer, but also all related parties involved, including corporate entities, subsidiaries, directors, officers, agents, employees, etc., etc. Generally speaking, the scope of “released parties” should be as broad as possible – and in general, there are standard boiler platforms that cover this in any agreement. .