The purpose of language teaching – to check the prevalence and correspondence of subjects. 14 Indeterminate pronouns: PluralUndefined pronouns are always plural: both, many, few, others, several. An indefinite plural pronoun takes the plural form of the verb. For example, some people want fruit for dessert. 18 Conclusion Today`s lesson explained the subject-verb agreement and how the subjects in the subject and the verbs in the predicate must change shape to ensure that they match. Please visit the following links for more information and activities: 7 Present: PronounIf the subject is me or you, use the plural form of the verb. Examples I enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with my family. Love Thanksgiving? 16 Choose the right verbLike students (go, go) go to Tony`s for snacks. 2. None of us are okay. 3.

Everyone (is, is) welcome at the concert. 5: As nostants, or – for the prehisence of the verb, if the subject is a singular noun. Examples of a singular theme: Emily`s dog always barks after the cookies. Plural theme: Both dogs bark after cookies. Author – Andy Morrall Subject-Verb Agreement Expert System Objective: This expert system program should show you how to change that. 2 Subject-verb agreement Domain: Language Art Class level: 9-12 Summary: The purpose of this PowerPoint content standard: EL.1 Demonstrate knowledge of standard English usage, mechanics, spelling and sentence structure. Learning objective: The student uses a verb bench to complete each set, measured by an accuracy of 90% of the activity. Performance: After this lesson, students write sentences with themes and verbs that match. 6: PronounIf the subject is a singular pronoun (he she, it), add to the verb examples of Singular Subject or – he likes to draw. Plural subject: You like to draw. 9 questions? 1. What do you add to topics that are pre-presents or pronouns? 2.

What form of a verb should be used if the subject is me or you? Grammatik Review Day 5. Warm Up 1. The weather was rather rainy this weekend. 2. The storm caused some damage in our area. 3. Many sports had to be delayed.  Subject  The WHO/WHAT of the sentence that makes or is something  A noun or pronoun  The Star of the sentence  Related to the predicate. 13 Indeterminate pronouns Some indefinite pronouns may be singular or plural depending on usage. They are all, all, the most and not. Singular example: all money is safe in the bank.

Plural: All the boys go to the concert….