We have articulation agreements with private/independent colleges in California and printed consulting manuals in the advice service for people marked with an asterisk.

The most beneficial thing is to check USC`s articulation agreement with SMC. Go to camel.usc.edu/articagrmt/artic.aspx and select SMC to see which classes you`ve completed. It also shows the list of classes that are transferred.

Azusa Pacific University General Education; APU and El Camino College Course Articulation El Camino College Joint Agreements with California State University and the University of California can be found at the inter-institutional transfer site of JOINT system ASSIST. ASSIST is an online information system for student transfer that shows how credits for courses obtained at a California California Community College public college can be applied when transferred to a four-year California university. Take, for example, a student who decides to take courses at Santa Monica College in the fall and spring rather than at USC: according to the USC-CMS articulation agreement, Community College offers dozens of courses for USC courses. Given the exorbitant cost of the 2020-21 school year – $59,260 – and the overwhelming economic consequences of coronavirus, USC should change its transfer credit policy to allow Trojans to attend a community college course during the year so that they can graduate on time without being forced into a financial link. Students whose families have been financially devastated by the pandemic should not have to cripple their training if they cannot afford to teach USC. If USC takes care of its students, beyond simply emptying their pockets, the university will use its money where its mouth is and implement strategies that will allow all Trojans to thrive. In addition, the cost of education for SMC students is significantly lower than that of universities. For Californians, SMC costs $46 per unit – a 16-unit semester is $768. For students in the state, the cost is a little higher, with a fee of 300 dollars, which is added to each unit, yet a semester of 16 units comes to only 5,568 dollars.

USC, on the other hand, costs US$1,995 per unit, a price that is insidiously “without prior change.” Six different academic groups – the American Association of Community Colleges, the Association of American Universities, the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities, the American Council of Education and The National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities – have called on institutions like USC to be flexible in credit policy in this unprecedented crisis.