Suitable for all the services that VAs offer their customers (including accounting), this contract defines responsibilities for you and your customers, including: A virtual assistant contract template is designed and sent to signature when you launch a new project. If you disagree, you can refer to your VA contract to see if it contradicts the conditions described above. This will quickly resolve most disagreements! In addition to payment details, the virtual assistant contract also defines termination conditions. Shooting can often go to two lanes; The VA may decide to terminate the agreement, or the customer may fire VA. One way or another, the terms of the end of the VA relationship must be included in the PDF file of the virtual assistant contract. It must deal with the problems related to dismissal, in particular: the NDAs create a confidential working relationship between you and your assistant. It protects you and your assistant`s private information, and prevents both parties from disclosing it. ANN is usually used when tons of sensitive information are exchanged regularly. Such an agreement also includes standard contractual clauses, such as the choice of law and court. As with any other contract, it makes sense that the contract with the virtual assistant contains some basic details. These are the names and contact details of the client and the VA.

The preparation and signing dates for the contract should also be available. According to the rule of each communication, it must be clear, consistent and developed, only as detailed as necessary. A number of paintings, and this is more likely among inexperienced virtual assistants; You`ll find a VA that wonders if they really need a virtual assistant contract. Many began to work on trust, but later discovered the importance of a written and duly signed contract. For the lucky ones, this lesson comes only with some unpleasant experiences. For others, the lesson has a huge cost; often a significant loss after spending time and effort providing the necessary services, but not getting paid in the end. The main advantage of using a virtual assistant contract template for each new project is to protect your work and make sure you get paid on time. The added benefit is also that customers have written the signature for the project area and the steps of the solution. The contract should also include the duration of the commitment (perhaps for an indeterminate period) and how the contract can be terminated by both parties. For example, you can request the default 2-week notification to your VA when it`s over. A company can ask them for a 30-day notification before terminating your subscription. First, there are a number of agreements that can be used by VAs depending on the specific details and the type of work they have entrusted.

However, they often find clauses on these different agreements, which are contained in a single virtual support contract. Time Doctor has powerful reporting features to track your assistant`s work. You will receive reports such as: The virtual support contract is usually prepared in two or more copies. Each copy must be signed by each party. Each party will have time to go through the treaty and if the conditions are in order, you agree to be there.